Sharon Gilbert started trading under SG Accounts 5 years ago. With a wealth of accounting experience, on April 1st 2017 Sharon made the decision to branch out with her own business after establishing that there was a market for another accounting firm in the Islands.

After moving to Wilkin’s Kennedy from the Tax Office, where Sharon worked for 5 years, she gradually built her expertise and capabilities working on small business accounts for sole traders and partners. Moving to work for Sure, Sharon took on some part-time accounting work, inspiring her to open doors on SG Accounts.

After operating for only 10 months Sharon recognised a need for a dedicated office space and FIDC facilitated this requirement. With an established office space, she was able to continue to grow her business and after a year was able to move into larger premises at Atlantic House and expand her team. With Lizzy and Angie on board Sharon now boasts a client list of 85 with a variety of workloads, crediting her wonderful team and supportive family. 

Sharon is very grateful for the assistance that FIDC was able to provide supporting her business. She says “I have been very lucky in my journey as I’ve had FIDC support me from the start with an office to work from, and then finding another office at an affordable rate when I needed it.”

Sharon explains that her biggest challenge was the initial change from a regular income to an uncertain paycheque, an anxious time for the new business. “My advice for other new businesses is to ensure you have done some pessimistic calculations of expected income and expenditure for the first year so that you know what to expect.  If they are calculated on a worst-case scenario then the results should be better! You should also expect not to make a profit in the first year, maybe not even the second year.” Another difficult decision is when or if to expand your workforce. Sharon comments that the responsibility of that decision cannot be taken lightly, as you are now responsible for another person’s income, which affects not only that member of staff, but their families too.

“Making the move to work for myself was the best decision I made.  My stress levels are down as I am more in control of what needs to be done, and I enjoy being able to offer a service that genuinely helps people.  Of course, there are still stressful times around deadline times but the joy of being able to pick up your granddaughter from school occasionally as a surprise makes it all worthwhile!”

SG Accounts are accepting new clients, continuing to build relationships with their existing client base, and offer a variety of basic accounting courses to assist the community. FIDC would like to congratulate Sharon on reaching her impressive milestone and wish her all the best in the future.

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Phone Number: 22200

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