Good to see interest in FIG’s Shaping Communications for the Future Communications Week events – and thanks for keen attendance at the FIDC-supported workshop sessions.

We hope that the discussions carried out over the week by the Regulator and Sure gave them usable insight on what the community needs here. Certainly, FIDC took interest in parts of the programme showing what can be done in ‘connected’ territories; demand ought to lead to change and improvements - helping us to compete in a digital economy.

We hope FIDC demonstrated support for the business community in digital awareness.

At the event, Louise Ellis showed the importance of Managing Your Social Media Presence. Her workshop explained how to create and curate a strong personal brand using social media and the benefits of doing so using the most appropriate social media platforms to reach a target audience. Terms such as ‘mindshare’ were explained and we saw how to protect social and intellectual capital, and how to keep your message/brand consistent.  Given the extensive use of Facebook here, I think we call saw the need to professionalise social media usage.

In the second workshop - The Worldwide Digital Market – Gordon Ackroyd looked at how digital communication empowers the consumer, the buyer, in a really new way – and it is this we need to consider in development and communication  of our brands, products, and services.

Now, brands are stories, and people ‘out there’ i.e. beyond your business and the efforts of its promotional agencies, are the storytellers.

You, and your brand, can and must engage in the 5 communications channels  (the five grey wedge shaped segments shown in PowerPoint slide ( document Communications Week GFA Digital intro presentation 13 03 2019 (1.93 MB) ). The risk, if we see it that way, is that your brand is more malleable, in the hands of others; the mitigation? that we construct our digital marketing communications such that our message is going to engage the customer, that they ‘socialise’ that message, and that the brand conversation is reflected back to us – to measure and work upon.

We were also grateful to RFIP for sending their presentation on Internet Safety. As Louise in fake-police guise explained, the more we use the digital channels, the more mindful we need to be of risks in sharing, and there were useful lessons for the good of our families, as well as our businesses.

We promoted FIDC’s upcoming season of training events which will include digital basics and more on social media – dates to follow, so watch this news section.

The slides linked here:

document Managing your Social Media Presence (1.20 MB)

document Communications Week GFA Digital intro presentation 13 03 2019 (1.93 MB)

And to reiterate that FIDC is keen to help any FI enterprise with their digital engagement; either working one-to-one or via training events.

See you at our next training event

Gordon Ackroyd

Strategic Projects Manager


New Business Development Officers – strengthening the team.

John Hellowell is the new arrival on FIDC’s Development team, alongside Sian Davies and Louise Ellis. But he is no stranger to our shores - having visited with his family many times over the last sixteen years.

He’s a true entrepreneur. Having spent his working life starting and building businesses from scratch into successful and substantial enterprises - he now offers a wealth of knowledge to FIDC’s clients.

His family home for the last thirty years was the Isle of Man where he also assisted their government with their Small Business Start-Up Scheme. John is now tasked with helping our rural community to develop their ideas into viable, sustainable enterprises.

Says John:

 “I am indeed looking forward to being able to contribute towards the Falklands enterprise economy and playing my part in life here. There is no doubt the Islanders’ daily face challenges not found elsewhere in the world. The more I understand what makes the people of the Falklands thrive, the better I can do my job.”

Those unique challenges are a very real part of what attracted John to take up the post of Business Development Officer at FIDC. As Gordon Ackroyd, FIDC Strategic Projects Manager comments;

“John has a very straight forward and “can do” approach, which will work well here, plus terrific knowledge of the Islands, and local friendships and contacts built up over years. We are delighted to have him with us.”


New Business Development Officer Joins FIDC

FIDC is pleased to welcome Sian Davies to the Business Development Team.  Sian joined us on 01 March and brings with her a strong background in Falklands heritage, tourism and retail. 

She has enjoyed a varied career in the private and public sectors and believes that this, along with sound local knowledge puts her in good stead to support the needs of our ever growing community.  Working within the Falkland Islands Government allowed her the opportunity to develop a firm understanding of the key national strategic documents and the crucial role FIDC has in delivering these.  That, along with a diverse workload attracted her to the role and she is looking forward to supporting and enabling economic growth


Business Expansion at Wayne Clement Electrical.

When an established and successful business plans for growth, the Development Corporation is on hand to assist. wayne.jpg

Wayne Clement Electrical has been trading and growing steadily since 2011, offering a comprehensive electrics contracting service. Now, Mr Clement is making the move to retail, setting up shop on Hebe Street. With space for more stock and spares, this gives all customers a bigger choice of parts, better prices on components plus higher quality and availability of service; that’s good for private customers, and other electrical contractors, as well as giving a further boost to his existing contract business.

Mr Clement has a significant order of component on the way to Stanley now, with backing from FIDC. The Corporation’s Louise Ellis points to the delicate balance of investing in stock in a ‘big’ order, but not tying up too much critical capital. Wayne agrees; “this is the right time and scale for expansion, with lots of development on the horizon”.

FIDC’s Rural Energy Advisor completes intensive “in-Islands” project work.

After a hectic but well-planned week packed full of meetings including trips all around Camp, the Rural Energy Advisor Andrew Crighton has departed the Falklands once again for his Scotland home and working base.

During his visit, Andrew carried out a week full of meetings and site technical visits with a wide variety of people to reinvigorate their desire for sustainable energy. His February tour closes with a number of new renewables projects scoped and funding-ready -  across east and west.

A grand total of nineteen meetings took place over the week, giving Andrew - who worked full time with the Corporation from 2015 to 2017 - the chance to catch up with clients and to update on his ‘partnership’ projects. These are proving the benefits of renewables technologies and include Falklands Landholdings, Bleaker Island, and others.  FIDC sees this as a very effective way to have renewable energy – and its savings - at the forefront of farm enterprise planning. Project data will be posted on the FIDC website soon.DSC_0098.jpg

Testing the water

Visitors to the Islands often comment that we don’t take to the water very much; for sure, the seas around the Islands’ coast can be challenging, even treacherous, but still there is surprisingly little leisure and adventure use made of this wonderful natural asset.

That is changing, with start-up Falklands Outdoors. The new enterprise from Daniel Biggs opened this season, with backing from the Tourist Board and FIDC helping the young entrepreneur with his fleet of sea kayaks and other nautical adventure equipment. As Dan says, “it was great to find this support ‘at home’ in the Islands. This, plus my CDS assistance gave me the resources to launch”.


Falklands Outdoors are offering a range of tours, trips, and lessons on the water, as well as overland adventure trips, climbing and walking tours.

Both FITB and FIDC are keen to see this activity make headway – as tourists (and locals) take an ever more active and adventurous approach to leisure time.

Dan’s advisor at FIDC, Louise Ellis, is enthusiastic about this business’s potential; “With plenty of hard work going into creating a year-round offering, and building a reputation for safety and reliability, Dan can really be a pioneer in Falkland’s adventure tourism”. Keen to try paddling? Find Falklands Outdoors at

Moving on, up!

Since April 2018 Sharon Gilbert, has been operating her SG Accounts firm out of FIDC’s Shackleton House having started the business from her home a year earlier. After those first 12-months, with a growing list of clients heading her way, Sharon swiftly realised that she needed more room to work effectively. In stepped FIDC with a small and affordable start-up office within Shackleton House. Then, with the need for an assistant, Sharon rapidly traded up for more room in the Corporation’s HQ.

Now Sharon is located in her new base, Atlantic House.

Sharon had this to say about the move; “I am glad that my business has had this early growth, now supporting the move to a bigger space that better suits our planned future needs.” She also added, “I’m grateful to FIDC for this start-up boost, with space and regular enterprise advice”.

Gordon Ackroyd, FIDC’s Strategic Projects Manager, comments; “this is a good move for Sharon, and we wish her well. There’s been a great rapport between Sharon and the FIDC team. New tenants are on the way for the starter office”.

New businesses needing office space can contact Kelly via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by telephone on 27211

About the FIDC

FIDC acts as the national economic development agency for the Falkland Islands and is tasked to develop the commercial sector of the Falkland Islands by being one of the principal partners delivering the Economic, Rural and Tourism Development Strategies.

To help drive sustainable economic growth and assist in the creation of new jobs and opportunities, FIDC provides various forms of support and assistance to the Falkland’s business community.