Over the last year Ruth Stewart has been working towards starting her foot health and nail care business. Ruth made the decision to take the big step into starting her own business after working as a Health Care Assistant on and off for the past 19 years, where she became aware of the need for a foot health care service in the Falklands.

Ruth investigated the route to become a qualified Foot Health Practitioner and received funding from the CDS to help her with the training costs of becoming a qualified FHP. The majority of her studies were undertaken here in the Falklands by distance learning with The College of Foot Health Practitioners in Birmingham, only needing to go overseas for the practical training. Now Ruth is fully qualified and also registered with the Alliance of Private Foot Health Practitioners in the UK. Alongside her studies, Ruth continued to work closely with the Business Development Team at FIDC, receiving advice and support to build her business case, as well as financial support to purchase the specialist equipment needed.

Previously the only foot health care in the Falklands had been a visiting Podiatrist Mr Duran who comes twice a year for two weeks. Ruth aims to provide a domiciliary foot health care service to the community. This service will complement the service provided by the visiting Podiatrist.

Regarding the support that she has received along this journey to starting her own business, Ruth said “I have been very fortunate, and I am very grateful to have received advice and financial assistance from FIDC and the CDS. As a single parent I could not have done this without that support. Therefore my thanks go to FIDC and the CDS staff and committee members, for all the assistance I have received.”

Here at FIDC we are sure that Ruth Stewart Foot Health and Nail Care will be well received and will prove to be a beneficial service to the community and we will continue to offer Ruth business advice and mentorship.


About the FIDC

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