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    FIDC wishes to promote entrepreneurial activity in the islands, primarily through encouraging more young people to start their own business. FIDC will work with stakeholders, such as the Department of Education and successful entrepreneurs, to alleviate the barriers of establishing new businesses and promoting entrepreneurship.
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The Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs Programme gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, running small businesses in other participating countries.

An exchange of experience – partially funded by the European Commission – takes place during a stay of 1-6 months with the experienced entrepreneur who helps the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small firm.

For a host entrepreneur, the programme offers a fresh perspective on his/her business and the opportunity to cooperate with partners in other countries or learn about – or gain access – to new markets.

Who can apply?

Any New Entrepreneurs who have firm plans to set up their own business, or those that have started one in the last three years. Please note that this three-year rule is applied very strictly and checks are done by ERASMUS staff on LinkedIn and Google to ensure that New Entrepreneurs do not have more than 3 years within their own business.

Experienced entrepreneurs who own or manage a small or medium-sized enterprise in one of the participating countries can apply to be hosts also.

This will mean that any New Entrepreneurs, can travel to learn from a Host Entrepreneur who has permanent residence in one of 28 European Member States, Liechtenstein, Norway, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Serbia or Israel.   


Costs covered

Travel expenses – to and from the country hosting the New Entrepreneurs.

A subsistence grant will be offered which in the case of the OCTs will amount to €1100 per month maximum. Given this limited maximum, applicants must be prepared to make a financial contribution to their stay.

How to apply?

It is simple, there are two documents available from FIDC for New Entrepreneurs to read through:

pdf Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs Programme

pdf Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Registration guide for New Entrepreneurs

Then to go to the Erasmus Entrepreneurs Website at: www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu. All applications are processed online, but if you have any question please contact one of our Development Team who can help you through the application process.

About the FIDC

FIDC acts as the national economic development agency for the Falkland Islands and is tasked to develop the commercial sector of the Falkland Islands by being one of the principal partners delivering the Economic, Rural and Tourism Development Strategies.

To help drive sustainable economic growth and assist in the creation of new jobs and opportunities, FIDC provides various forms of support and assistance to the Falkland’s business community.